Seer mini version for Film

Davison carvalho seer device 01 2560px v2
Davison carvalho seer device 02 2560px v2
Davison carvalho seer device 03 2560px v2
Davison carvalho nice mail 02
Davison carvalho nice mail 03

I made some fictional user interface concepts for a film not long ago, and these are ideas I don't even presented to them since was not a good fit into the story, so I re-used the vector scrap files from illustrator I had and put into a super quick 2 days FUI practice, it's weird, but the ones that will actually be in the movie makes way more sense :P
I filmed some stuff with a Lumix 4K just to try to get more like a film look into the still concept, my hands are blurry!!! lol
(UPDATE): This was featured on a double spread on 3D Artist magazine in June :)