ServBot FUI and 3D

Davison carvalho servbot 3d 03
Davison carvalho servbot fui 3d 06
Davison carvalho servbot 3d 01
Davison carvalho servbot 3d 05
Davison carvalho servbot 3d 02

ServBot FUI Animation test

This is a Fictional User Interface (FUI) design for this Robot visor, just for fun. I'm not a 3D artist at all, I'm a UI Artist. That said I had to learn and improvise to get the results closer to what I wanted. So, I started to quick model a Helmet in Modo 3D, I realize I needed to learn how to actually use Modo and 3D in general, leading to so much fun making/learning on the process, that I end up making a half-robot from it. It’s funny that something that started as a Ui ended up being a 3D hard surface model of a robot, and the Ui itself became secondary, haha.