3D steampunk magic thingy

Davison carvalho use with caution 1920px 01

Steampunk Scifi-ish thingy!

Davison carvalho use with caution 1920px 02

Shot against some spotlights to add a JJ Abrams flare to it!

Davison carvalho use with caution 1920px 03

Horrible render, but it was done already, so, posting.

Davison carvalho use with caution 19024px 04

The illustrator base

Davison carvalho magic thing refs

Inspiration / References = Clive Barker's Hellraiser: Lemarchand's box | Duncan Jones: Warcraft 2016 - Green Magic | Orrery/Steampunk | A D20 dice.
Couldn't find who made some of the images to credit, it's all from google images.

I don't work with 3D daily, just Ui, so I made this back in April 2016, very very quick, just to practice integration between Illustrator vectors to Modo and how much it would speed up creation of ornamented parts, against modeling all directly on Modo. It was a good choice, I made a slightly complex ornament in about 20 mins on illustrator, and it was in Modo in just extra 5 mins. Really fast pipeline.

Inspired by sci-fi companion robots, steampunk, Victorian art, Lemarchand's boxes, sci-fi modular gadgets and nasty evil fantasy magic!

It's a simple model that relies more on ornaments and material than modeling, 6 hours of work plus 20 hours of render. The hardest part was choosing colors, my colorblindness seem to be getting worse towards green as I age, so color picker for the Win!!!! lol! Hope you guys like it!

It's all 3D, the environment model is generated in World Machine, Zbrush for the plants and rocks in modo.